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Monday, October 12, 2009


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Looks like we're in the same blogger growth stage. Discovering all these social networking sites makes be feel like I've taken a step up, but it has also shown me how far I have to go. I didn't even like taking pictures a year ago and now I'm contemplating a $400 camera!

Canning and preserving is definitely a good angle for you. Not many people know how to do it and at a time when we all want to do more at home you'll find an audience. Good Luck

I think it's the weather changing. Thanks for the comment. I actually just bought a 'real' camera because even though I liked the composition of many of my photos, the quality wasn't what I really wanted. I'll let you know if it's worth it or not.

I'm a UXD with a passion for cooking as well. I, too, have been completely focused on the cooking lately and the UXD ... well, not so much. Must be something in the air! Thanks for such a great blog, Kim.

Thanks JP - I really appreciate the support!

What a unique recipe you have here. Very nice post, I find it very interesting to do maybe this weekend I'll try making one. Thanks

I'd be interested to read some of your UX food posts, while not a UXD I do hover around that area and am interested in it. My hobby is also food blogging, and I agree differentiating yourself is so hard. At the moment I am just trying to have fun with it - hoping that if I am having fun then others will enjoy it to.

If they don't well at least I enjoyed myself!!

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