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Thursday, September 24, 2009


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Looks great! I love the idea of the fruit juice. After trying that Early Bird recipe adapted by the NY Times, I would definitely encourage you to try toasting the coconut with the granola. It's delicious (and it sent me on a granola binge).

Thanks for the tip about the Early Bird recipe. I even buy wine at the Greene Grape in Ft. Greene, but didn't know they had a blog.

I find that if I don't use fruit juice with the rolled oats, they don't cook enough and it gives me a stomach ache! But maybe that's just me. I'll definitely add the coconut before cooking with the next batch I do.

Thanks for reading!

Your picture through the measuring cup is fantastic. Is that Brooklyn outside your window? I'm a Bushwick girl myself.


This sounds fantastic! Will try it soon! I just wonder, do you have any idea how long I can keep this for? I'm planning to make this a few days beforehand and bring it to a 4 day camping trip... Thanks!

For a while I ate nature valely granola bars but I read somewhere that they're not all natural. Is that true or not? Anyway I'm gonna try this cause well I wanna become more fit and do more sports and I'll need energy also if I do well in my christmas exams I might get a dog and I'll need alot of energy for the type of dog I want!!!

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