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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


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I found a very useful piece of gear about a year ago. Keeping mice, chipmunks and even rats out of my food was always a problem. Worse yet was the chewing damage they would do to my pack. I bought what is called a Grubpack. I bought it on-line. It's a lightweight, flexible, steel mesh food bag. You put your items in the Grubpack, seal the velcro across the top and your food is safe. You can then hang the bag or stake it to the ground.

@Gus - Thanks for the tip.  Ill have to check it out.

8 days of camping is a long time! One suggestion I have is the pre-packaged suff from Trader Joes. They have tuna but its THAI CURRY and so good. It's not normal tuna. They also have this Brazilian steak and potato breakfast thing that comes in a pouch. No ice cooler needed!

There's no absolute ansewr because different styles of camping favor different criteria. If you will be mountaineering your needs are different than a sub-alpine backpacker, and both are different from a family camper. You'd get better results if you described what style of camping you're interested in pursuing and some indication of your preferences and budget.My favorite source for researching tents and other camping gear is Campmor.com. They have a good selection including all the leading brand tent manufacturers, customer reviews and very competitive pricing. It's also nice that they are close enough for me that I can head over and compare products in person before making a decision. REI is another good retailer for tents and outdoors gear, and they have a lot of private-labelled items that are usually at the top of their categories in terms of quality and durability.

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