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Thursday, July 09, 2009


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I enjoyed your blog. Some of the criteria I use to judge restaurants are:
1. The number and timing of return visits to the table. Too many is disruptive; too few is frustrating.
2. Flexibility. I like iced coffee, but in the winter some restaurants don't serve it officially. I really appreciate it when the wait staff person is flexibile and offers me hot coffee with ice.
3. Consistency. I enjoy some restaurants for having consistently tasty food, like the little Greek/Italian restaurant, Theo's in Weston where I stop every few weeks for takeout when my wife and I are too exhausted to cook.
4. Feedback. I think that the solicitation of real feedback is pretty rare - the type where the chef will come out and ask you about something and take that seriously.
5. Density. This might depend on the type of event, but I like some separation from other diners.


cool post!!

This looks a delicious place to visit although as you comment not a once a week kind of place at those prices.
However I heartily agree with you that if it represents value for money and on special occassions I might add, it is worht the recommendation.

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